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So, if you’re a projector (in Human Design) like me, then you may feel what I’m about to say. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about then go to www.jovianarchive.com and get your free chart to learn what aura type you are. This knowledge and insight has changed the way I conduct my life-career, love & friendships. Also I want to note that I am not a Human Design Specialist by any means and am only still learning, but am definitely here to share whatever knowledge I do have :) If you want to talk with an educated guide then reach out to Aubrey at Divine Radiance Healing for more. She has been guiding me for almost a year, and wow, I understand myself on a super deep level now (and still learning as I go).

Anyway, if you’re a projector...our auras are piercing and constantly energetically tuned into other people, so often, that we can forget to look within ourselves. The projectors life question is “who are you?” Meaning, every person we come into contact with, we are already reading them and who they are. We are meant to guide, hence the constant looking into other people to “see” them clearly. But at the same time, our life lesson is to ‘wait for the invitation’. Which is quite the dilemma for a not-self projector. This means we are NOT meant to guide anyone and everyone. We energetically feel when we are let in and are being asked for guidance *if* we choose the path of de-conditioning and becoming more self. And when we are self & only until we are invited in, we have the ability to help transform the other persons energy and motivation to help them and empower them. When we aren’t moving fluidly through that space of waiting, life can get messy for us because we begin to step on the toes of people around us who feel put off by our intense and impactful energy. And the same is true for people we love/know, and people we don’t know at all- either may have the same reaction. So, just keep in mind that even if you’re already in a persons life, it doesn’t automatically give you the invitation to guide them. 

Okay, so the point of what I’m saying isn’t necessarily about any of that, but I felt it’s important to note before I dive into this next piece...Because we (projectors) are constantly looking into people & into the world, as I mentioned, we forget to look within ourselves. For my personal chart, I have always looked deeply within even as a projector & have been insightful through my life, which a lot of you may relate to also, because we actually get a sense of who WE are, through other people & our interactions with them. So, we dont actually lack insight. The part that I found to be an issue was that I wasn’t taking enough time to RECEIVE and allow others to give. And so, I’d sometimes become awake to the fact that I’d feel deprived and feel nothing in return within my friendships and relationships. Partly, I’ve had some disconnected people in my life yes, but for those that are in my life who are connected, I have found that it’s hard for me to receive & that I often forget to open my heart up to that kind of vulnerability. We are so busy constantly focusing on how to give to others and the world, that we can often be taking it to an extreme and actually hurting ourselves. This is a subconscious way of neglecting ourselves & not listening to when its time to say "no" to the world & tune into ourselves to nurture our own needs and healing. So, through much trial and error, I’ve had to learn some pretty intense discretion about when it’s correct for me to give and when it isn’t. Because the kicker is: even if we get the invitation from another person, it doesn’t mean it suits us to say "yes" or to give them our energy. And so, I have learned that I need to be selective and protective of my giving nature, because so often I do not know when enough is enough and people will just keep leeching at me, taking away my precious energy & wasting my time. And then I would be left high and dry and unable to show up for those who are CORRECT for me. And this is on me, no one else, to figure out. It is my responsibility to create the boundaries for what is most comfortable for me, but we only find that out for ourselves when we are tuning in deeply to ourselves & making sure to self-care. And maybe I’m biased but I think Projectors have a reallyyyyy hard time with this balance.

So today during my AM routine, while I was transitioning from yoga to meditation, I went into Savasana & I realized my body was wound tight & my palms were faced down. And my next thought was “I want to receive” and I laid my palms face up to the sky, and I breathed into my heart and body. And my mantra became “allow me to receive, take me out of my own way”. And so my fellow humans (but mostly projectors) I invite you to allow yourself to receive & get out of your own way today. ๐Ÿ’• 


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