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Looking Within as a Projector | Human Design

So, if you’re a projector (in Human Design) like me, then you may feel what I’m about to say. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about then go to and get your free chart to learn what aura type you are. This knowledge and insight has changed the way I conduct my life-career, love & friendships. Also I want to note that I am not a Human Design Specialist by any means and am only still learning, but am definitely here to share whatever knowledge I do have :) If you want to talk with an educated guide then reach out to Aubrey at Divine Radiance Healing for more. She has been guiding me for almost a year, and wow, I understand myself on a super deep level now (and still learning as I go). Anyway, if you’re a projector...our auras are piercing and constantly energetically tuned into other people, so often, that we can forget to look within ourselves. The projectors life question is “who are you?” Meaning, every person we come into contact with, we are al