Reach Out & Touch The Stillness | Self-Portrait Series

I have been uncovering my creativity more and more during all of this... & admittedly, its getting weird. Then again, I have always been quirky, so I guess Im getting more in touch with my true self. I often feel like I have created a box for myself & I yearn to step outside of it & push myself beyond whatever borders I unconsciously put in place.
The other day I was majorly anxious (I have anxiety every day), but this day was particularly tough for some reason. I was so restless & irritable. I realized that in all the stillness going on in the world, I haven't taken enough time to explore my own. So, I dedicated time to a self-portrait project that portrays just that...reaching out & touching the stillness. I wanted my photos to tell a story of: my isolation, feeling trapped, feeling free, my fear, and my peace. Honestly, I have been feeling all of these opposing emotions like a roller coaster, on repeat. So, I open up my vulnerability for you to see & hopefully you feel something too.

xx Alaxandra 

Reach Out & Touch The Stillness | Self-Portrait Series

Dress: H&M bought from @erinlynn_style
Earrings: H&M


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