Nail Caviar..So Divine

So, here's the deal...I am in love with for years now. They have the most incredible range of gorgeous jewelry for every occasion. The buyer and owner of the site, in my opinion has the most refined taste in style and fashion and it shows through her selections of new and energing designers and their designs....

(the pictures are taken from their site...yes I had permission)

 Coolest part about it is that I'll be working with them as their Fashion Stylist!
I recently browsed through and though Im not a die hard fan of nail art, came across their
Nail Caviar and phew, Im in loveeee..

This obviously doesnt even scratch the surface of how amazing their stuff is, but I just thought it was kinda cool and wanted to share...

Visit them and leave comments here about your findings<3

Much love Fashion Machines!


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