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Tempting Turquoise

Im in love with vintage silver and turquoise jewelry!! Especially rings. Like, OBSESSED . The more the merrier as you can see. Here's a couple photos of my own. Enjoy! Oh, and dont forget to leave comments && follow.. Stop back again soon lovely fashion machines<3 Xoxo Alax

Sportie Hippie

Wow, it has literally been forever since I last posted. I PROMISE I will be posting more. My head has totally been stuck up my own ass and I just had it surgically removed today. HA! Anyway its been on and off with the gorgeous weather here in New York. This was my outfit the other day... Generation Love Grey/Blk Leather Sleeved Sweatshirt Vintage Havana Silk Floral P.J. Shorts Isabel Marant High Top Wedge Sneakers Vintage T-Shirt Necklace Skull and Rhinestone Necklace Random Blue Silk Scarf Simple, easy outfit. Covers a few current trends at once which is cool. Leave comments and let me know what you think! ...till we meet again fashion machines... <3

Couture Lust's SICK Giveaway! A fellow fashion blogger (couture lust) whom I think is incredibly talented and stylish is having an awesome giveaway for her 9 month anniversary as a blogger! Visit the link above to enter. Bye bye fashion machines. <3

Rock Out With Your Skulls Out

I have successfully stayed away from random, impulsive purchases lately. But when I saw these, it was love at first sight. Like the kind of love that makes your heart unsafely skip all kinds of beats. Like the butterfly, sweaty palm, "OMFG IM FREAKING OUT!" type of love. So, I knew this couldnt possibly be impulse. Its the real deal people. Its love . I dare you to control yourself. Let me know how you do. They are like sex furniture for your feet. Yeah, I know, that good. Those uber awesome little skulls and those studs and the cuban heel! Oh my, I need to slow down. Cant wait to get them. Shipment will take a few weeks, but the second I rip that ugly little brown box open I will be taking pictures and posting ample outfit ideas! Comment and follow Gypsy Riot's insane little brain <3

Fashion & Technology Combined

So, if you love fashion & you love technology, you will LOVE this! Its not the most brand spankin new thing to hit the market, but still new enough and cool enough to post about. Its the Moshi Moshi Pop Phone by Native Union . Ta-Da! Moshi Moshi Pop Phone by Native Union $26-$30 My best friend Stefanie actually bought the purple one from Urban Outfitters, so I had the opportunity to see it up close and personal. Its just as awesome in person as it is in pictures. You can buy it at Urban Outfitters , Amazon , Neiman Marcus or the official Native Union website. Click any of the above for direct links to buy. Let me know what you think of these Comment and Follow GypsyRiot's Blog Bye For Now My Fashion Machines <3