Pumped Up Kicks

There may be more important things going on in the fashion world than my new kicks
(NYFW, duh)
But seriously, in my world, this is just as important as Helmut Lang's Fall 2012 Line....

My new "Isabel marant" hidden wedge sneakers.
The wonderful designers name is bunny eared because sadly enough they aren't real. Ughhhh, high fashion lovers please don't kill me for this!! 

No, but seriously.
Until Isabel Marant herself sends me a pair of these amazing kicks for free,
then I truly can't afford the real dealio (for now that is).

Anyways, they were a gift for valentines day from my lovely and gorgeous boyfriend whom I love more than my teeny tiny tin heart can't handle at times.
Thats him below...

(Gorgeous? Yes! On the market? No!)

But yeah that's enough sappiness for the night.
I have to save some for my man for V-Day!

Enjoy my fashion machines.
Comments are always appreciate.

Stay classy until next time<3
Xo alax


  1. Haha nice post! :)

    Could u check out my blog? Am new to fashion blogging teehee xxx


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