My Bold Move For Valentines Day

This is not a fashion related post.
Just a pre-warning...though it is an attention grabber.

Anyways I decided to get creative for Valentine's day. It's me and my boyfriend Kevin's first together so I figured I'd make it extra special for him. (I also just have no money to get him anything so I knew this would make up for it)

If this gesture doesn't scream (or sing) "I love you" then I don't know what does.

So I started with the lady gaga song "yoü and I" and I re-wrote the lyrics to fit for me and Kevin. Then I bought the karaoke version of the song for .99 on iTunes and recorded the video with my phone.

Here's how it came out...
(click link below)

Well to say the least, he was floored and so were many of my friends when I posted it on Facebook!

What crazy things have you done to proclaim your love for someone on Valentines Day or any other random day?

Share anything fashionable or not fashion related in this post!!

Xoxo alax xoxo


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