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Outfit Collages

Hello Lovelies! Unfortunately, being back at work has prevented me from taking pictures to keep up with the fashion blogging world. (I dont think I ever "caught up" to be honest) -_- But of course I had to use my creativity eslewhere... So, I decided to put together a bunch of collages of outfit ideas. Kinda cool or pretty boring... not sure how I feel about this yet. Take a peek: LOOK 1: Pretty Rocker Perfectly cut waterfall jacket from Top Shop , Also from Top Shop , a frilly feather skirt. Pair it all with a print tee. Use mostly light neutrals and accent with a tough/cool studded pair of low boots. LOOK 2: Throw On and Go Can't go wrong with this awesome Chanel Sweater, a pair of black cut off shorts from Sabo Skirt , a tough black bootie like these from Gypsy Warrior  and a gorgeous bronze Hermes Birkin. LOOK 3: Sophisticated Sleep Brian Atwood   gorgeous turqouise suede and snakeskin pumps, paired with a gorgeous turqouise and gold cuff from Gypsy Warrior a

Low Luv Jewelry...Yum!

Model Erin Wasson for her own jewelry line Low Luv Erin Wasson , Victoria's Secret supermodel turned designer, launched her first jewelry collection in March of 2010. It has serious rocker edge with bit of a Medieval twist, mixed with bohemian. Sounds amazing huh? Yeah, tickles my bum too. Her pieces come in 14 karat gold or silver and include armor inspired rings, giant cross necklaces, huge ivory rings, cool aztec inspired necklaces, cuffs with hieroglyphics and sooo sooo many other amazing desings. Celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian and many more have all been spotted wearing it. Her pieces sell anywhere from $100 to $350. You can find stores that carry this line here . The store I work in (Complete Clothing Corp) also carries some of her stuff if you reside anywhere near Roslyn, NY... you can visit our facebook here . How much do you love this stuff? Share your thoughts please!! xo alax

::Sigh:: Marni For H&M

So, sadly enough I can't compete with all the amazing bloggers that have posted about the wonderful Marni line coming on March 8th to H&M. ( Fashion Toast ,  Refinery29 , and  Fashionista ) But as it as happened before, I have been absent for the weekend (this time due to a wedding). So, I had to hold off on the excitement of posting this new collection until now. Of course I was thinking I'd be one of the first to do so,  but ironically I have come to see I'm a day too late. RAWR! BUMMER. I'm refusing to read anyone else's posts until I'm done with mine. So here it goes... I'm sure 90% of you have seen this line, but these are my favorites from the collection.  I have also added little collages of looks that I put together myself. Pictures Courtesy Of H&M Collages/Framed photos by: Me & PicFrame (iPhone App) As you can see, I have decided to add a few of the menswear pieces into my looks. I have done so because I totally think

Oversized Envelope Clutches

The more I stalk other blogs and fashion apps etc, the more I notice giant envelope clutches everywhere. The sleek, polished look with minimal hardware is the trend of the moment. So, get your hands on one now!!! Here's some inspiration from various sources (harpers bazaar, tumblr,, photobucket etc) In my case, I just so happen to have the ability to steal stuff from my adorably stylish mamsie (grandma). Here are some of my own: Snake Skin/Leather Mix: Multi Marble: Vintage snake skin: Have you found any you love? Share yuor thoughts and inspiration! xoxo alax

Cool Tartan Punk

Ive been finding that less is more lately... That is, when it comes to long winded blog posts. The youtube video I made  for my boyfriend doesnt apply to that statement (see valentines day post for more details). Nevertheless, I dont have much to say, but as the old saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words". I'm posting more than one picture so there should be way more than a thousand words... or not. MY FAVE RING EVER!   COLORED SKINNIES!   MIX PLAIDS!   SMILE!! Photos taken by my beautiful best friend Stefanie Katz O1C Tartan green, navy, black Jacket Free People   White Thermal with Plaid/ Floral reversible cuff Bullhead Black kelly green skinnies ( Pacsun ) Target Multi Chain necklace Zumies Black and White Sunglasses 3 Finger Skull and Rhinestone Ring Black Leather Combat boots Share your thoughts and comments! much love my fashion machines <3 xo alax