Tasty Pasty

For some reason my twisted mind says "tasty pasty" translates to "pastels".
So, thats what Im talking about here, though it sounds more like a title for some tasty pastry, but its not so keep up with me here kids.

Moving along...

Spring/Summer 2012 is screaming pastels as you may have seen in 3.1 Philip Lim, Rodarte, and Luis Vuitton's Runway etc...
blah blah blah, nothing you can't type into google or bing and find yourself.
But what I was willing to go the extra length for
was some functional clothing ideas to add to all of our closets.

So, I went on a pursuit even with my ace bandaged, swollen, post-surgical hand
(not to assume you are concerned, but just in case-dont worry just a minor cyst removal)


Below you will find: A Spring/Summer 2012 color palette, Rachel Bilson,
some cool oxfords regardless of wether they're "in" or "out",
a couple cute outfits I stumbled upon....but I didnt find them on stumbleupon,
I think they are a Gap ad, and an outfit I found on Tumblr.

I personally am all for this color scheme.
But who cares what I think...do you like it? do you hate it?
Do you slightly vomit in your mouth at the thought of it?
Or do you dance around with such excitement
that it looks like your vagina's on fire?
No matter how extreme or dull your opinion may be I want to know it!

Stay tuned for more healing wrist chronicles in the next few weeks.

Bye for now fashion freaks and geeks <3

P.S.-The Man Repeller rocked her very own version of pastels in one of her recent posts.
 If you dont know about her, you should. <---you should also click that to get to the post Im referring to.
Shes absolutely flippin mother frickin amazing. 


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