Sporty Spice and Everything Nice

My inspiration for this post is coming from one of my favorite fashion blogs (Man Repeller)<---click for her blog....she's rad, you should check her out. Anyways, a little while back she had a blog post about Isabel Marant's new high top, wedge sneakers (or trainers if you're in the UK) and I became inspired by these beauties, which I'd like to add,  I cant afford. While I dont like sporting knock off's of anything, I did spend hours looking up cheaper versions of her design and did quite well if I might say so myself.

In my hunt I found:

1. Isabel Marant (the obvious). They're absolutely awesome.

2. ASH, which are affordable, stylish and pretty cool, but not exactly what I was looking for. But just in case you're into them you can find them here...

3., where I found, sorry to say, knock offs of the Isabel Marant's Betty design. But, not gonna lie, they're pretty legit. Lets move onto pictures...

Okay, so even better is the price. They range from $125-$145! YESSSS!

Heres where to get them:


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