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Springgggg, Please Come Back To Me!!!

The title says it all... My desperate plea to bring Spring back to me. So desperate in fact, that I started messing around with some prospective outfits. But just in case the world ends before then, here are some pre-season ideas.  I decided to play with a black and white striped skirt for some reason and see what I came up with. I have 2 outfit options and to be honest, have no idea where I think Im going that I even wear these. But theyre decently cool and different. I honestly was just bored and decided to get creative. Here it goes... Victoria's Secret Pink (yep thats right) Black and White Striped Skirt Silence and Noise   Yellow Ruffle Front Tank Club Monaco Black and White Polka Dot Pony Hair Clutch Jessica Simpson Hot Pink Suede Pumps M.A.C. Lipstick in Pink Nooveau Free People Embellished Blue Tank Top Target Grey Braided Headband Club Monaco Yellow Leather Clutch BCBG Black Strappy Elastic Heels What do we think of these looks? Would you wear them? W

February Bazaar Looks

Hello fashion freaks! How are ya all on this bland Friday? I'm feeling pretty blah myself today, but I wouldn't want to let anyone down with my lack of posting the past few days. Life is just a little busy ironically because there is absolutely nothing really going on. Love when that happens. Anyway, I got off the fashion track for a second's a simple post of some looks I'm loving from February Bazaar. Enjoy! Are you into all the new styles coming for spring? Which is your favorite? Which styles do you hate? Which will you definitely wear? Fill me in<3

D.I.Y. Turban

Turbans have stayed cool for some time now, but Im on a money strike so buying anything right now is out of the question. AKA Im broke, injured and out of work. So, I decided to get busy and go shopping in my closet to start cutting shit up with my handy dandy scissors, needle and thread. Instead I just so happened to stumble on a project that only required my knowledge of tying a knot. Heres what I came up with: I randomly had 2 headbands that look the same,  so I started with that. Criss cross them. Loop them. voila! You're ready to be part of the taliban. Here's what it looks like: Thats all folks! Stay fashionable, until next time...

Tasty Pasty

For some reason my twisted mind says "tasty pasty" translates to "pastels" . So, thats what Im talking about here, though it sounds more like a title for some tasty pastry, but its not so keep up with me here kids. Moving along... Spring/Summer 2012 is screaming pastels as you may have seen in 3.1 Philip Lim, Rodarte, and Luis Vuitton's Runway etc... blah blah blah , nothing you can't type into google  or bing a nd find yourself. But what I was willing to go the extra length for was some functional clothing ideas to add to all of our closets. So, I went on a pursuit even with my ace bandaged, swollen, post-surgical hand (not to assume you are concerned, but just in case-dont worry just a minor cyst removal) Anyway. Below you will find: A Spring/Summer 2012 color palette, Rachel Bilson, some cool oxfords regardless of wether they're "in" or "out", a couple cute outfits I stumbled upon....but I didnt find them on   stumbleupon

Love Me Some Vintage

Image  is a great site. Yep, thats right, I said it. Plain and simple. The best part about Esty is the new designers and sellers popping up on there. The even better part is the vintage stuff you can find on there... yes, AMAZING.  Now, theres this friend of a friend who I really dont know at all actually, but shes obsessed with this site and considering we have quite similar taste in hippie/vintage fashion I too am obsessed with it now. ....So, Ive decided to toss around a little blog lovin'. We Are Tribe  <---click that shit to get a quick hop and a skip right to shopping on the site if you aren't interested in what I'm about to say. But only if you're ready for some seriously cool threads . Its as brainless and easy as that. No special juices needed. Just check it out for yourself. But for all the lazy little ladies out there, and for the ones that I know just dont believe a word Im saying, (yeah, I know you darlings exist).. Ive posted some pics be

Sporty Spice and Everything Nice

My inspiration for this post is coming from one of my favorite fashion blogs ( Man Repeller )<---click for her blog....she's rad, you should check her out. Anyways, a little while back she had a blog post about Isabel Marant's new high top, wedge sneakers (or trainers if you're in the UK) and I became inspired by these beauties, which I'd like to add,  I cant afford. While I dont like sporting knock off's of anything, I did spend hours looking up cheaper versions of her design and did quite well if I might say so myself. In my hunt I found: 1. Isabel Marant (the obvious). They're absolutely awesome. 2. ASH, which are affordable, stylish and pretty cool, but not exactly what I was looking for. But just in case you're into them you can find them here... 3., where I found, sorry to say, knock offs of the Isabel Marant's Betty design. But, not gonna lie, they're p

Hot Or Not: Prada's New Flaming Heel

Though I admit that Miuccia Prada's new shoe collection which is tribute to the 50's car culture, is way outside the scope of anything I've ever seen, I'm still not sure how I feel about them. I mean lets be honest, if I had disposable money, yes, a pair would be sitting in my closet. But now as Im talking about it and obsessively eyeing the pictures of them, they undoubtedly tickle my tomboy-ish fancy, while feeding my love for a great heel. So, I guess in the end I do actually want them on or around my feet.... Particularly the green, yellow and black version below. More importantly is what you think of them, so feel free to comment away!