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Today I just wanted to take a moment to talk about natural products. As someone who suffers from a chronic autoimmune disease, chemical exposure is something that I have been trying to hunker down on more and more. We can’t control the air we breathe, or the grass we walk on, but we can control what cleans our homes, our clothes, our sheets & towels. Living the cleanest lifestyle possible with the purest ingredients is my hope. I put body restorative supplements & food into my system, why not restore everything else to as toxic-free and clean as possible? Even if you’re not suffering from obvious illnesses, chemical toxicity can present itself in less “obvious” ways like headaches, eye problems, intense hormone changes especially during your menstrual cycle, reproductive issues for men and women, gastrointestinal problems, skin irritations...the list is long. So, even if you don’t have a chronic illness, but you notice “weird” symptoms, isn’t it worth going greener and cleaner? 
Enter Branch Basics. After reading their moving and tough story, I was amazed at the 3 resilient women behind the brand who fought hard to create an honest product they believe in. Truly, most people would have given up. They did not, and now they have a powerful but natural cleaning product that will literally replace ALL of your products. This stuff not only cleans your laundry, it cleans every surface of your home—even glass! 🤯 😲 

I wanted to try out Branch Basics on my laundry first (Clearly, I had a lot of trust if you know how much I love my clothing) hah. Below you’ll see some photos of me doing laundry & featuring their products, but I want you to know fully that this post is NOT a paid advertisement. I tried these products & am posting about them because I BELIEVE in them. If you know me, you know I would not feature anything on here that doesn’t speak truly to who I am. 

I used ‘The Concentrate’ straight into the washing machine without cutting its potency. I then added Oxygen Boost Powder for extra stain-fighting strength.

The results: Branch Basics cleaned stains and odors with no harsh chemicals & no fragrances. Not only does this stuff ROCK for laundry but as I said, for every surface of your home. Look at all the cool bottles that come with your order to ensure you have the proper measurements for each cleaning need! Amazing.

Im SUPER happy with these products and impressed with this brand of strong women backing them. If you'd like to read their story heres an interview from Wellness Insiders
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