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You Are Not For Everyone

Currently slowing down. It’s day 1 of being back home from traveling. Reflecting on the past 3 trips in 3 months and how fast it all went, all the new places, meeting new faces... I’m overwhelmed in a way because when one trip ended I was already onto the next. I feel like I didn’t get to soak everything in and feel that gratitude deeply. So now I’m on overload of re-living memories. I have a good feeling I’ll be blogging a lot of this stuff in the next couple weeks because there were so many moments captured, so many clients in front of my camera, so many laughs with friends & family, and so many cool places I got to experience. I’m overjoyed. I feel like I just experienced everything I had dreamed of when I began photographing professionally. I was so scared to make a leap, to dream bigger, to charge my worth. I wanted to be accessible for ANYONE to hire me, but when I honed into a niche, and manifested the exact client I wanted, they came. I may be too expensive for a lot