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Life Is Sweeter Than Lemons

Lately, I have been soaking up inspiration from all around me like a sponge. Though I have yet to burst through the seams of my restricting and trapped creativity, I am still open...and in the end, is not that what life is all about? Hm, yes I concur. Amidst this moment (year) of my drowsy lull, I somehow feel uplifted. I have finally figured out exactly what changed. This change did not come from anything external, it was not given to me by any specific thing. Just like this ridiculous snow in New York, it hit me like a shivery sheet of ice. "All this time I have been comparing myself to other people. Other bloggers, celebrities, photographers. Even other clients and customers of mine." ...That was the initial thought, but that was obvious to me. I had alwas been that way; the perfectionist that trampled anyone to be at the top level of the perfectionism if it was some kind of competition. Ridiculous .  But, no. That was not the epic moment that chan

Maxi To The Max

Oh hey now, it's cold . But boohoo, no one wants to hear me complain about the sad state that the weather has us all in. Given the teeny weeny numbers the temperature is, you'd think I would have swathed myself in layers upon layers of winter friendly threads. But, no. I had other plans for my outfit... The point of this post is: I'm in love with maxi skirts and dresses. They are just so easy and comfortable. Plus with the right fabric and color, they can look super chic really easily. Happily for me I like to shop for steals, and let me tell you, this was the epitome of a steal . Sans the sticky fingers, that is. This is how to dress awesome on a budget.  Skirt : Forever21 , Top : Urban Outfitters , Shoes : Justfab, Clutch : snake leather vintage For this look, pick a maxi skirt that is silk or a silk-like fabric. Side slits are always a sexy look. I paired this with a platform heel and pulled the skirt high to make the velvet and mesh

Head Chain Game

Well all my fellow fashion machines, it's been a couple of days since my last post...okay, fine. It's been over 365 days since my last post, but who's counting? I've been squeezing my brain for some juice all week-for something really deliciously perfect  to make a come back with-but, nothing. So instead of trying to be the 'Batman' of blogging and make some impactful return, why not just keep things simple (and sweet). Alas, the  head chain . Pretty. Bohemian. Cool. What more could one want in an accessory? Here's how to wear it... Head Chain : Beauty Tip : Rock smooth waves with a head chain. Styling Tip : Wear a luxe texture such as fur (or faux) with this accessory. Try a head to toe ensemble in a taupe or neutral tone. Example-taupe fur vest layered over cream solid top, taupe/grey textured skinny jeans and a neutral bootie. The more simple the outfit, the more attention will go to your noggin. Lock and Ki is an awesome jewelry