Styling For A Magazine Shoot-My First Experience & Definitely NOT The Last

So, I was quite the happy little camper yesterday when I was given the opportunity to style models for a photo shoot to be seen January 1st in The Village Connection (a Huntington, NY magazine). I must say….pretty cool shit. So, now its even more in my heart to do this for a living. And I will. Yes, yes.
Moving on…
I learned a few key life lessons and career lessons yesterday which I thought of sharing with you.
#1: Photographers who have been in the business for 10, 20, 30+ years DONT GIVE A CRAP what you have to say and WILL tell you so if you over-step your boundaries. Well, anyone that knows me shouldnt be surprised that I over-stepped that boundary more times than once yesterday. I dont even blame him…I mean, imagine a photographer who has this girl who literally has never done a magazine shoot in her life, telling the models to push their hair back? Or that a pose should be different to show an outfit better? I MEAN REALLY ALAX WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? Now, thank God this man (the photographer) is also my ex-boss and that he loves me dearly though Im sure he would love to have strangled me violently a few times yesterday. My point is, I’m taking note to NEVER open my mouth again, and if asked my opinion learn how to approach it with less passion. He did tell me though, that the things I was saying were right on, but instead of saying it to the model say it to the photographer instead. UNDERSTOOD! Sheesh, he could have just said that from the start. So, basically humility is key in this situation DUH ALAX! If you do know me, then you also know that Im seriously passionate about this line of work and that I take my future seirously when it comes to this, so a little anger from a photographer isnt going to stop me from my dream. I just look at it as a lesson learned and Im a lot stronger now than I was before. Plus, you kinda have to pretend tears and anger dont exist when you get yelled at in front of a team of about 10 people, mostly strangers.
#2: You WILL be schlepping $80,000 worth of clothes around, even in the pouring rain and your life will depend on the condition of them when they are returned. Yes, this happened. Like seriously can you imagine ruining one of the $1,500 Roberto Cavalli dresses I had to return yesterday? What would you say? What would you do? Because Im pretty sure I would just move to Antartica and never be seen again, though now that Im saying it, that sounds a bit expensive as well. Anyway…Like, who can afford to replace that? Well, Im sure there are plenty of people that can, but at the moment that list doesnt include my name. So, in short, you better start working out and not be a klutz if you are looking to be a stylist because carrying 5 garment bags of clothes while walking a few blocks really sucks  if your not in shape and accident-prone.
#3: If you do well, which I did, you will gain all the confidence and experience you need to understand your capabilities. If you asked me two weeks ago if I could imagine doing what I did yesterday, I would have laughed psychotically and then taken YOU to a mental ward. I DIDNT BELIEVE I COULD UNTIL I DID IT. Picking outfits and then seeing them on a camera is probably the most rewarding and coolest thing I’ve ever accomplished.
#4: Learn from the ones that came before you. This amazing girl Tia (absolutely love her) and I worked together and collaborated ideas with each other for the shoot. It was awesome knowing I was not only on the same page as her, but that we also worked so well together. Not everyone gets so lucky to have such a cool person to work with, but I am! Not everyone in this industry is an asshole. Tia went back to the director and photographer of the shoot (my old bosses) and put in such an amazing word. Now, thats whats up!
#5: If your a jealous girl, dont get your boyfriend a modeling job for the same shoot your styling for. Especially if he’s modeling with other women! Well, to say the least many of you know my boyfriend is quite gorgeous. At least to me he is. He is my very own living, breathing, walking, talking Channing Tatum. Dreamy. Yes, you can say that again. So, when the photographer is telling your man to pretend he’s about to have sex with these women, you’d better be pretty grounded and secure to know hes only got eyes for you. Thank God we are so in love and I am secure because my tummy flipped a few times, but probably more so because he looked so mother flipping hot! Rawr.
#6: You wont get paid for your time at first. I styled for this photo shoot for FREE. Most people have to do this at first and its not as much of a loss as it seems. Yes, I dedicated an 8 hour day for free, but look at all the tools and experience I have now. Needless to say you get a CD from the photographer with all the pictures on it. So, you get to have a professional portfolio for free. So, in a way the photographer worked for no money from me either!
Im wondering if this little rant came off as a negative thing. Let me assure you and re-assure you again that I was thanked for my time, work and creativity and was much appreciated despite the stepping on toes that went on. The outfits came out absolutely amazing and the models were all hot as hell. It was quite a successful day and I cant wait to use my skills and creativity again in the future.
I will have pictures for all you lovelies in a week or so!! Stick around…


  1. How exciting! How did this fall into your lap (not to sound as if it just fell there)? Nice post btw. I often hate the way people write, I'm extremely critical and you didn't make me bite my tongue or cringe once. Good job! Can't wait to see the photos.

  2. @Les Arts Plastiques....yes!! so exciting...still kinda small and insignificant in the bigger picture of fashion but definitely awesome. and yes, literally fell into my lap!! all because of an accidental butt-dial! haha very very random to say the least. Thanks so much for the compliments they definitely made me smile. Waiting for a blog to catch on takes patience and constant self-confidence boosts. sucks! but i will definitely post the pics when i get them :)

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  3. Great blog, take your time with it and it will grow, sometimes slowly, sometimes not but it will happen!!


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