Springgggg, Please Come Back To Me!!!

The title says it all...
My desperate plea to bring Spring back to me.
So desperate in fact, that I started messing around with some prospective outfits.
But just in case the world ends before then, here are some pre-season ideas. 

I decided to play with a black and white striped skirt for some reason and see what I came up with.
I have 2 outfit options and to be honest, have no idea where I think Im going that I even wear these.
But theyre decently cool and different.
I honestly was just bored and decided to get creative.

Here it goes...

Victoria's Secret Pink (yep thats right) Black and White Striped Skirt
Silence and Noise Yellow Ruffle Front Tank
Club Monaco Black and White Polka Dot Pony Hair Clutch
Jessica Simpson Hot Pink Suede Pumps
M.A.C. Lipstick in Pink Nooveau

Free People Embellished Blue Tank Top
Target Grey Braided Headband
Club Monaco Yellow Leather Clutch
BCBG Black Strappy Elastic Heels

What do we think of these looks?
Would you wear them?
What would you pair a striped black and white skirt with?

Let me know fashion machines
much love and kisses


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