Mixing Cool & Neutral

Once again sorry for the re-posts from my old blog....
Though this is a Elie Tahari Runway Show from Fall 2010,
we are still seeing this 70′s inspired sophistication right now.
This polished rich look will last for a bit longer,
so splurge on a gorgeous fur or faux fur jacket and/or fluffy fur clutch,
buy those gorgeous knee-high suede platform boots
and pair it all with silks and tweeds.
Think of polished texture when picking this look
and don’t be afraid to mix different fabrics together,
it will add to the layering effect that you are going to accomplish.
Add some knee-high socks with your tights and boots for an extra effect on layering.
I love what Elie did here with color combinations.
Mixing different shades of grey, brown, burnt sienna, caramel, and clay
keeps neutral colors cool and edgy without being boring.

Dont be afraid to mix and match!!
Leave comments and let me know what you think.
Dont hesitate to ask questions <3


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