Love Me Some Vintage is a great site.
Yep, thats right, I said it.
Plain and simple.
The best part about Esty is the new designers and sellers popping up on there.
The even better part is the vintage stuff you can find on there...
yes, AMAZING. 

Now, theres this friend of a friend who I really dont know at all actually,
but shes obsessed with this site
and considering we have quite similar taste in hippie/vintage fashion I too am obsessed with it now.
....So, Ive decided to toss around a little blog lovin'.

We Are Tribe <---click that shit to get a quick hop and a skip right to shopping on the site if you aren't interested in what I'm about to say.
But only if you're ready for some seriously cool threads.

Its as brainless and easy as that.
No special juices needed.

Just check it out for yourself.
But for all the lazy little ladies out there,
and for the ones that I know just dont believe a word Im saying,
(yeah, I know you darlings exist)..
Ive posted some pics below for leverage:

What do we think?
Do we love?
Do we hate?
Do we appreciate?
Your ideas would be great.
Bye for now
fashion freak stars.
yes. I made that up just now.


  1. Love you! You're so funny with your expressions. Very innovative. I LOVE Etsy also! IDC what anyone says, it's got the BEST stuff! And I will be perusing We Are Tribe, thanks for the link.

    I just joined StyleMint, JewelMint, and ShoeMint. I'm sure you know about them but if not they're AWESOME and inexpensive. And always sending out coupons. xoxo lots of love!


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