Hot Or Not: Prada's New Flaming Heel

Though I admit that Miuccia Prada's new shoe collection which is tribute to the 50's car culture, is way outside the scope of anything I've ever seen, I'm still not sure how I feel about them.

I mean lets be honest, if I had disposable money, yes, a pair would be sitting in my closet.
But now as Im talking about it and obsessively eyeing the pictures of them, they undoubtedly tickle my tomboy-ish fancy, while feeding my love for a great heel.

So, I guess in the end I do actually want them on or around my feet....
Particularly the green, yellow and black version below.

More importantly is what you think of them, so feel free to comment away!


  1. Crazily enough I think I would definetely wear them. Just discovered your blog and I love it! if I may your font is a little hard to read, increase the size

  2. I'm actually a huge yes to these shoes- they are in fact my favourite accessory for spring. Still not sure if I will be buying a pair or not but definitely some major eye candy!

  3. @Moraima....Thanks so much for the tip! always looking for constructive criticism. really appreciate it. SO happy you love the blog, it so hard to start out. keep showing the love<3 if you go to the top right menu bar of my page type in your email adress and start following the blog so you can stay up on my latest posts :-)

  4. @moraima...btw i fixed the font is it any better?? let me know!

  5. @The Pvdh Journal...yes i really do like them the more i look at them. super hot, just cant afford them quite yet!! haha

    enter your email into my blog so you can start following me :)
    thanks for the love<3


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